Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Looking lovely with the Summer Foliage
An afternoons Walk and this is what I found
Front Door
I had to get the Key from the Manor House to enter.

Looking to the Left from Front Door

Looking to the Right from Front Door 

Surrounding inside Door Frame

Panel to Right Middle is the 'Conch Shell' 
The Shell had been placed as an ornament within our Rockery Garden for many years And because these Inspiring Archeologists desperately required another to complete this panel, we gave it to them  -  Some of the other Shells had to be bought in.

Different Stones used

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Centre Point of the Ceiling

Above Front Door

Window Recess

The other Window Recess

The Floor inlaid with Sheep's & Oxon Bones 

'Conch' All cleaned up & carefully placed within the Wall

Time to look back & say Goodbye till next time

The Manor House

The Family Crest

A Beech Tree that holds Many Years & hopefully more to come 
Photos Above Are All mine that I took on Tuesday 9th August 2011

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I met these People and were invited to their Opening Party which was a Day to Remember for Our Village History

 We became Really good Friends with Blott and her Family who were extremely Warm and Welcoming !  Lovely People to Know x x x
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A little bit of History just for you !